Munsiyari is a small hill station situated on the foothills of the mighty Himalayan range in the state of Uttarakhand. This small town is known for having the most pleasant weather in the entire district of Pithoragarh. Situated at a height of 2290 m, a major part of this hill station is covered with a thick layer of snow.

The people of Johar, as the Milam valley is locally known, were traders whose caravans crossed from India into Tibet by the high passes of Unta Dhura and Kungribhingri La. Once the trading season was over the entire population of Milam and the surrounding areas migrated to Munsyari or lower during winter. Trade stopped with the Indo-China conflict of 1962 and these once prosperous villages are now deserted. However the trail still exists, linking the villages and beckoning trekkers.

Munsyari is the starting point of Milam Glacier, Ralam Glacier, Namik Glacier, Panchachuli Glacier, Porting Glacier and many more undiscovered Trekking areas. Camping and trekking around munsyari will be the most cherish moment of your life.

Note: For Milam Glacier trek, all trekkers have to inform local administration and ITBP.
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Places to Visit Munsyari –
Khaliya TOP –
Khaliya top is a pleasant weekend trek that not many people have ventured or even heard off. The special views from Khaliya top of the Panchachuli and Nanda devi range is the heaven for trekkers. Which provide grand view and elevation of the Himalayas in very short time. Thus It is a day trek, you have to trek from balati farm and it will take nearly 3 hrs to reached Khaliya top. trek entails starting from 7000 feet and walking through typical Himalayan temperate forests to emerge onto high open alpine meadows above 12000 feet.

Birthi Falls :
The Birthi Falls lies near Birthi Village on the main Thal-Munsiyari route,On your way to Munsiyari, you will find this beautiful waterfall called Birthi Falls. It is situated at a distance of 35 km from Munsiyari and is one of the most breath-taking picnic spots in the Kumaon valley. The way to this fall goes through a small trek around 15 minutes from the roadhead. If you are a trekking enthusiast, you will find this trek highly exciting as it is devoid of any railing and is open on both the sides.

Tribal Heritage Museum:
This private Museum situated near Munsyari, Village called Nanasem. Popularly known as Masterji Museum and setup by Dr. S.S. Pangti, this tribal heritage museum is has interesting artifacts of life of Bhotiyas, the local people. Dr. Pangti, who is a retired school teacher, an author and avid traveler. This private museum at his residence in Nanasen village has antiques and exhibits about early trade between Johar Valley and Tibet.

Thamri Kund :
Thamri Kund is a pleasant hike from betulidhar, Betulidhar is 8 km drive from munsyari and from betulidhar its 3 km trek which is most beatiful trek around Munsyari. Thamri Kund is one of the most ravishing fresh water lakes in the entire region of Kumaon Valley. The entire lake of Thamri is surrounded by a thick network of alpines which present a magnificent view of the place. One can also spot a musk deer drinking water in the lake.

Meshar Kund:
Mesher Kund is a very short trek from Munsyari, it takes only 40 minutes to reached there. Meshar Kund is an ancient lake and has got a deep mythological value attached with it. It is believed that when the villagers of Munsiyari dried this lake in an act of vengeance, Yaksha decided to take revenge upon them. Consequently, the entire town was struck with a series of droughts until the villagers apologized before him. Even today, this ritual is valued by the locals of Munsiyari. Maheshwari Lake provides an artistic view of the Panchachuli mountain range and some rare varieties of shrubs and marsh lands surround it.

Madkot ( Hot Spring Water)
Situated at a distance of 22 km from Munsiyari, Madkot is popular for its natural springs of hot water. It is believed that the hot water originating from this land is capable of healing health ailments like skin burns, body ache and rheumatism. One can look out for cab services to reach from Munsiyari to Madkot.

Nanda Devi Temple:
An easy 3km stimulating trek from Munsyari will take you to Nanda Devi Temple. This sacred shrine holds immense importance amongst the local people of a Munsyari. Temple is situated in a very nice location you can see very nice view of panchhachuli peaks and its sunset.

Long trek In Munsyari –
Milam Glacier Trek – 9 days
Ralam Glacier trek – 9 days
Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek – 8 days
Namik Glacier Trek – 10 days
Panchhachuli Glacier Trek – 10 days
Nagnidhura Trek – 8 days
Khaliya round trek – 03 days

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